Our Story...

making puremilk

At our farms, we dont compromise. We dont ask how to make milk cheaper. We dont ask how to make lots of milk. We only ask this: how do we make milk better for the women and children who shall consume it.

This is the driving force behind what we do. Here is a quick peek into our process:

What separates us from the herd

Puremilk is 100% oxytocin, antibiotic and hormone free. The single largest hazard in milk comes from spurious milk containing a daily dose of hormones. Milk cannot be relied upon unless it is pure or else it will hurt us rather than help us. Routinely injected hormones have the effect of advancing the age of puberty in children. We believe that such practices are a result of an ever increasing milk bubble where all that resembles milk sells. We urge our consumers to support our movement for pure milk which is free from any trace of oxytocin, antibiotic or hormones. Further, international food safety norms require milk from sick cows to be withdrawn from circulation. An ordinary farmer who is indifferent to hormones and antibiotic filled milk is of course not fazed while selling milk from a cow which is sick. These controls can only be kept when the management is aware and willing to prioritize above all the purity of milk.

Here are some of the ways in which we distinguish ourselves from those who claim to be milk producers and processors.

Milk is free from hormones, oxytocin and antibiotics

Pure milk is 100% antibiotic, oxytocin and hormone free. No injections of any kind are given to our cattle.

Milk is natural and without added preservatives or formula

Puremilk is 100% natural cow milk without any chemicals, additives or milk powder.

Cows are fed nutritious green fodder

We have made it our passion to provide our cows the best quality green fodder so that maximum nutrition would transpire in the milk.


Our cows are milked hygienically and the milk is chilled immediately after milking to preserve the nutrients in the milk.


Cows produce milk primarily for their calves. We believe in humane milking and at our farm, our calves get to drink their mothers' milk first.


Our cows are carefully selected. We look for cows with the right genetics so they are able to withstand the climatic conditions of our country as opposed to exotic cows that require a routine dose of antibiotics for their upkeep.

Cows drink plenty of fresh water

A good water source is essential for healthy milk quality. We ensure that our cattle have ample amount of good, clean water throughout the day.

Cows are housed in clean ventilated sheds

Our cattle and their sheds are cleaned every day to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Test Reports

We look at each and every aspect of milk production with enthusiasm and we find that if done with a determined focus, milk could once again be relied upon by thousands of families for their daily requirement of essential vitamins, amino acids and proteins.

NABL accredited independent laboratories have tested our milk. Our milk is free of Oxytocin, Hormones, Chemicals and Aflatoxins.