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Wellness ambassadors play a vital role in supporting the promotion of health and wellness of its fellow citizens of their society. As an ambassador, you will act as a liaison between the company’s goal of bringing the best of health to people and making an effective contribution towards their society. They are the eyes and ears of health in the workplace.

Common Characteristics for Wellness Ambassadors:

  • Enthusiasm about health and wellness
  • Able to be an advocate for or working towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Good communication skills, motivational and interpersonal skills

Benefits to Becoming a Wellness Ambassador:

  • Opportunity to be informed with the latest wellness programs and events.
  • Information, tools and resources for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Peer, professional, and cross department relationships.
  • Active participant in fostering a culture of "wellness".
  • Recognition and Wellness Rewads for service as Wellness Ambassador.

We invite people of all age groups to be a part of our vision and mission of fostering health for Kolkata,our city of joy.

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our ambassadors: